there's a certain way i feel tonight
i would call it purified, but that would be a lie
so for the time being i'm just going to write
and put it all down on a paper wrist i slice
and my eyes are rarely capitalized
so they have an iris with which to have sight
of the visions in front of me before i run out of time
before i get buried in the ground, forgotten about
ignored and shut down, the words no longer come out
even if i try to shout, kicking and screaming, there's no sound
silenced forever more, cut open, cauterized then drowned
i'm coming around, i'm getting the feeling that i'm sinking down
down down down down down down down
starting to wonder if that princess gown was just a facade
to lead me on, but you cant go anywhere if you're dead and gone
like a dial tone that starts beeping when you don't make a call
is it a cosume? is it a disguise?
is it a destruction of the pieces i hold dear in my life?
like a jigsaw puzzle where you just can't find
the missing piece, a separate place
hidden under a stone that never sees the light of day
and that's where i'm at. that's who i am.
at the end of a page but i'm not done yet.
not even close. boring through my skull.
involved but alone. what do you know about that?
using a lighter or a match and i can't
fathom the things i haven't done yet
getting closer to you, then pushing away again
i can't sit stagnant for another season
that's my sole reason for the way i'm turning out
i'm leaving this town, and there's nothing you can do to stop me
this is the one friend i have, this is my poetry
it just listens and never talks back, see?
i could make things amazing but you won't let me
so now you worry about your fate, you kneel down to obey
do you find any solace in the games that you play?